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Biomimetic Dentistry Keeps Your Smile Healthy

If we break apart the word biomimetic, then we get “bio” meaning life, and “mimetic” meaning mimic. Thus, in its simplest form, biomimetic dentistry's goal is to restore teeth. In the larger sense it is making whatever we do to and replace in the mouth to look, feel and most importantly function like a natural tooth.
Dr. Howard Golan working on a dental patient

What is Biomimetic Dentistry?

While fillings and crowns can look good and last for many years, they often ignore how the original tooth was created and how it functions under the tremendous forces generated in the mouth. Bacteria, chewing, temperature changes, grinding and clenching have serious consequences to natural teeth and dental restorations.

The tooth must flex, move and adapt to all of these negative forces. If the forces are too great the tooth and the restoration will fail. Sometimes this failure is immediate, sometimes many years later. Failure includes pain, fractures, root canals, and even extraction.

At GFD, our biomimetic philosophy tries to minimize the failure by restoring your tooth with scientific, biological and mechanically conscious protocols, using the best materials for the situation.

While failure cannot be avoided in every situation, we have found this philosophy has significantly reduced tooth sensitivity to biting, cold, and chewing after a dental restoration, reduced significantly the need for root canals and has protected the underlying tooth from catastrophic failure after dental restorations.

Our Biomimetic Dentistry Philosophy

  1. Proper diagnosis and prevention of dental decay, cracks, fracture and nerve health.
  2. Bonded restorations that mimic a natural tooth.
  3. Root Canals disinfected with the highest level of technology (for more see our Ozone section)

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"I have been a loyal patient of Dr. Howie Golan for over 10 years. Dr. Golan has a true passion for what he does and continues to offer the latest state-of-the-art technology, bringing the best to his patients. Unsurpassed quality and attention. Thank you, Dr Howie, for your superb care!"

Amy W., From a Google Review

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