Integrative Dentistry Supports Your Optimal Well-Being

The term integrative dentistry has been used in the medical world to describe a practitioner that incorporates traditional western medicine with more alternative “Eastern” type of treatments.

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Our Integrative Dentistry Philosophy

We at GFD believe that there are tried and true dental procedures that we continue to provide our patients but also believe that those are not enough to treat our patients' mouths and bodies.

We have brought in some of the most innovative and technologically advanced equipment and protocols to enhance patient treatment.

These include, laser, CAD/CAM, Cone Beam, and ozone therapy. We feel that you deserve not only the best that traditional dentistry has to offer but also the best that technology can provide as well.

What Is Integrative Dentistry?

As an example, the use of lasers in periodontics has changed the way we treat gum disease. By incorporating a laser into the process, we can often eliminate the need for painful and aggressive gum surgery. This way, patients want to take care of their gum disease because it is not the painful experience their family and friends has gone through.

Another example is ozone therapy. As dentists, Dr. Marshall and Dr. Howie have seen all too often how destructive bacteria can be in the mouth. We have incorporated ozone therapy because ozone is one of the best killers of bacteria known in the world today. It also has tremendous anti-inflammatory properties that help heal dental situations much better than ever before. When we incorporate ozone with lasers in root canal procedures, we feel we are disinfecting root canals as best as possible.

Cone Beam Technology has allowed us vision of the oral cavity better than we knew possible. CBCT is a 3D x-ray that opens the window to potential significant dental and whole body findings that are not possible with traditional 2D x-rays. At GFD we know that many patients have problems in their mouth and yet they have no pain. Unfortunately, teeth and the mouth do not always hurt when there is a problem, like decay or even a chronic infection.

With CBCT we come closer to finding these problems way before they start to hurt you Thus, we can achieve our goal of protecting your mouth and body from significant infection, pain and destruction by finding problems before they get too bad.

At GFD we are committed to providing dental care that integrates traditional procedures when needed but using modern equipment and protocols to make those procedures as simple and easy for the patient as we can.

We look forward to showing you what we can do.

Drs. Marshall and Howard Golan

Golan Family Dentistry

Our technology-focused practice is committed to providing the highest quality care to Nassau County, NY. We have decades of experience and go the extra mile to ensure patients are comfortable and relaxed. Our affiliations include:

  • Dental Society of New York
  • Nassau County Dental Society
  • American Dental Association
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • American Association of Endodontists
  • Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry

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